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a blog dedicated to the beautiful scenery of skyrim


Lake Ilinalta

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some of my better screenshots from today’s adventure

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Amazing blog. Keep up the good work :)

thank you kindly!

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When I was a little girl I was told never to step inside a faerie ring…

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why don't you post more?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this blog is horribly neglected. I’m not much on tumblr these days, and if I am, I’m usually on my personal blog, sovnloes. I’ll use the moment to apologize to all my followers who thinks the blog is lacking, and I hope I’ll get the time and the mood back to start posting more frequently again.

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Would it be okay if I used one of your pictures as a background for my blog, if I credit you?

Of course! I don’t take credit for all the pictures on this blog mind, only the ones who aren’t reblogged from someone else. Credit where credit’s due, I’d ask the source in stead, if that’s the case.

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skyrim doing the thing

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Skyrim + snow, part 4

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These are wonderful! Do you sharpen/filter the gifs before posting them? While still wonderful, they don't look like this when I play (although I don't think I'm playing 1080p). I would love to see a gif of 'clear skies' being used on a storm!

thank you! However, I’m not the one making the gifs, so I would suggest asking the source blog instead. Good luck and thanks again.

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